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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Make mine a Rae and Ginger on the rocks please!

Bob is is certainly a polarizing figure in Canadian politics. In 1995 labour and the right ganged up on him to elect the Harris government.

The Canadian Auto Workers, the Ontario division of the Canadian Union of Public Employees, the Canadian Union of Postal Workers, the Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Federation and the Ontario Public Service Employees Union turned on the provincial NDP and in turn Rae.

I remembered a quote from Mike Bliss, which I looked up on Lexis Nexis from the 1995 campaign
"No one is more horrified at this thought than today's rigid defenders of the status quo, the New Democrats. Irony of ironies: In the desperate three-way fights taking place in ridings across the province, every vote the NDP siphons away from the faltering Liberals helps make a Tory victory, and a turn to the right in our government, more likely.

In more ways than one, Bob Rae is Mike Harris' best weapon."

In some ridings across the country this is true federally today. So, Rae finally realized the error of his Dipper ways, and it only took him ten years to do it.

I also decided to look up some classic Rae while I was on Lexis today.

Rae on debt:

`The debt and deficit are like a lot of other things, but they aren't the things to worry about,'' Rae fielding calls to the CBC's Radio Noon talk show.

``You've got to worry about jobs, you've got to worry about health and services, and I think we have to ask ourselves whether it's right to leave an awful lot of people entirely on their own to face a very uncertain world.''

Rae, who campaigned yesterday in Mississauga, Toronto and Hamilton, was asked on the phone-in show if Ontario's debt and deficit is ``really just hype?''

``I think there is too much of pushing various panic buttons[on the debt], and I don't think that's helpful, I don't think that's right,'' Rae said.

Lower interest rates would reduce the interest charges on provincial debt, Rae said, and allow the province to climb out of debt sooner and use the savings more productively.

So, we have a Premier, whom was interventionist enough to ask for interest rates to be adjusted for political reasons, and whom was not concerned about the debt.
A person whoes ideas of successful governance was completly different from the Chretien
/Martin financial frameworks, whom attacked that framework while in government.

And now we are supposed to buy that he has learned his lesson, while he had four elections to get elected as a Liberal MP in support of the Liberal vision and he didn't take them? When he was asked every election since he was defeated as Ontario Premier to serve in a safe seat, and likely offered a cabinet post for his efforts by the leader and didn't follow through?

Rae, whom attacked Lyn McLeod and Mike Harris for having a``a lovers' quarrel'' during the 1995 election debate, is still an enigma to me. Too bad he didn't prove himself a liberal by runnig against Layton in the last election. I can't support someone with so little depth in the party, and such a poor record as Ontario Premier.


  • Thanks for the digging on Lexis, I wish I had access.

    Do you think its really a problem about his depth in the party? There is also Ignatieffs depth, will this be an issue?

    By Blogger Lookout Mountain, at 9:37 PM  

  • I like Rae and do not believe he was a terrible Premier, but someone who values social services at the expense of even *caring* about debt or deficit is not PM material, sorry. Did I misunderstand his quote?

    Not a partisan, I don't care how committed he is to your party - that's your issue, not Canadians' issue. In the end, between Harper and Rae, no one would be asking themselves, "Hm, I question how thoroughly committed he is to Mike Eizenga and the rest...."

    By Blogger Jason Bo Green, at 7:33 AM  

  • I am pleased our party was able to attract Rae at long last. I prefer Rae to most of the other candidates, all who are too close to the Chretien and Martin scandals.

    By Blogger John Murney, at 4:32 PM  

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