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Thursday, July 20, 2006

The Mi Rumours

"Canada should never be quiet when a democratic state is attacked by terrorists." - but a leadership candidate that has a good chance of being Prime Minister should be quiet? Link

There are also a bunch of rumours floating around, that MI is MiA due to health problems that may interfere with his ability to stay in the race. Rumours in SB's comment section

In any event, the lack of a general statement from MI, shows that his lack of electoral political experience. Hopefully he starts learning fast.

Voters, expect elected leaders to have opinions on world events that are well formulated to represent the electors on the international scene. That these opinions count for (usually) squat doesn't matter.

Now, I would link to this, or credit it, but it was by an anon comment:

Mi Community
"Attention Ignatieff people. There is a rumor floating around some Liberal blogs that Ignatieff will be dropping out of the race and this explains his lack of comment on what is happening in the Middle East. If this is not true, this is certainly something Ignatieff and company will want to quash.:

Calgary Grit
"This is a man who has studied the Middle East for decades and is certainly well aware of the situation there; I'm sure he could have formulated a well reasoned statement in a limited amount of time. "

TDH Strategies
"Blind support is never productive, and from my point of view, Michael needs to weigh in with his depth of knowledge and perspective immediately. "

Mi Community 2
"Lebanon: Ignatieff zzzzzzzzz"

Red Tory
"As someone who has ostensibly “endorsed” Ignatieff, I cannot tell you how profoundly disappointed I am by his lack of response whatsoever on this issue."

Behiond the Headlines

"Ignatieff has positioned himself as the foreign affairs expert in this race. He's published widely on international relations and war and yet, we've heard nothing from him yet. If we are to consistently place him amongst the "front runners" in this race, shouldn't he act like it? "

Paper Dynamite Online
"Michael Ignatieff's reluctance to comment on the Israel/Lebanon crisis makes perfect sense if he is the candidate rumoured to be pulling out of the leadership race, due to health reasons. "

Stop Harper
"imspartacus said...
Inside info or a fertile imagination? I believe people will be surprised and a little shocked at the latest development -- one of the frontrunners is dropping out next week due to 'health reasons' and will throw his support behind the former minister from Quebec."

Shoshana B
"If Ignatieff and his team don't come out with a statement in the next 24 hours, he has got to be out of this leadership race. "


  • thanks for making these links work, unfortunately anon on my thread didn't. I've been meaning to post these links. Thanks.

    Yeah one would expect a possible leader of a G8 nation that also leads NATO mission and happens to be an expert in the field, to have an opinion on this we could consider.

    "Canada should not be silent", is the most ironic quote of the campaign. I will be blogging about that today.

    By Blogger s.b., at 8:20 AM  

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