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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Taking the Big Red Machine in for a Tune Up Part I

How do we turn ourselves back into an Election Winning Machine?

As a party we have come to the conclusion - a seventy member executive is unable to be as nimble as we want it to be. We must ask ourselves, how do we want to fix it?

A significant problem can be the executives themselves, all wishing to control the levers of power. This would hamstring the executive from forming more nimble sub-committees with defined mandates. Having the executive make significant operational decisions is also misguided, and the executive could be overburdened with decisions.

An option to solve this problem, would be to turn the current executive positions into a board of directors, which provides direction to a much smaller executive, which implements the decisions of the board and takes care of the day to day operation of the party.

Many people have brought up ideas of a council of presidents (of all the ridings). I believe this isn't a good idea, and would be pretty useless, what would it do?.

It would however be useful to train riding presidents in party operations, how to help win seats, and other things. It would more be a weekend workshop for presidents, either by province region, or maybe national.

In my next post I will talk about the future for PTAs.


  • I wonder how you could push something thru that would limit the power of the powerful people in the party?

    By Blogger Manley Man, at 8:50 PM  

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