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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Thanks but no thanks McKenna

Frank - the last thing we need is another coronation, not that I think that if you jump in after labour day that will happen. Hopefully this trial balloon gets shot down like the many other attempts to tempt him back into the race. No need to embarrass yourself, unless Ignatieff leaves for some health reasons {shoshana} . The article is right however, that

"Mr. Ignatieff, on the other hand, doesn't have one [an organization]. He is not the one who has created the organization: the organization has created him. They can drop him like a stone if he's not perceived to be a winning candidate any longer. "

But we don't need or want Frank to come back. We don't need a savior.

And I personally am very comfortable with Graham leading us into a snap election if one is called. I am not sure where the journalist found the 'strategists' but they seem like very crazy people. Almost Martin Kool-aid drinkers type people. The very people whom had been pushing McKenna to run.

The Hill Times Article.


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