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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

PTAs - True Grass Roots

PTAs have gotten a bad rap lately. We were beat with a party that doesn't have them. Some see them as little fiefdoms which accomplish little. Some see them as threats to their fiefdoms.

PTAs keep the parties organization close to the grass roots, and give a training ground for the national executive. They keep attuned to issues on the ground, and lay the ground work for national initiatives.

PTAs also allow for small scale experimentation on electoral strategy, and election management. (See Team BC initiatives in last two elections)

PTAs help to distribute the administrative load of the party, and help to provide oversight to the operations of riding associations.

So what do we do to streamline the operation of the party?

My solution: trim the fat at the national executive level. We don't need to eliminate any elected positions on the national executive (perhaps besides seniors commission president, they are already over represented). The national executive should consider including other members on a need basis only. This would limit the national executive meetings to maybe 30/40 members a totally managable runner compared to 70- 100 today.


  • A major component (at least in business philosophy) of "Grassroots" is Customer Service. People need to feel like they're able to contact, connect, and be listened to by the "grassroots" organization. The biggest complaint I hear about the PTAs is the turn around time on membership cards. Why does it take months to turn these around? I see this service as critical to a good grassroots reputation.

    By Blogger Social Lib, at 5:18 AM  

  • I like the idea of centralizing membership administration in Ottawa and leaving the PTAs to grassroots organizing, that makes sense. PTAs are good in concept but they're not effective right now.

    By Blogger A BCer in Toronto, at 6:46 AM  

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