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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Red Ribbon - Analysis

After reading the report, I am glad to say it is very well done, very well thought out, and takes into consideration concerns that were raised.

Elements that will be controversial that are in the report:
(I am not counting the massive executive management structure changeover to be that controversial)

National membership standardization and centralization
  • Some people still believe that having variable membership fees per riding is a good thing (the Ontario $1 ridings)
  • Some PTAs will still want to maintain odd membership rules (like lifetime members)
Placing how to certify commission clubs into the main party constitution
    • Might make it difficult for small clubs in unfriendly regions
    • disenfranchising legitimate groups which bring value to the party
    • Protects somewhat against Paper Clubs
    • Could lead to paper clubs being certified whom were not certified this time around (for solely meeting the membership requirement)
    Modifying the automatic number of spots seniors get - and not in the right direction (according to seniors).
    • Seniors wake up early and head off to pass policies while everyone else is sleeping off the night before. This might not pass.
    Modifying how Aboriginal delegates are elected - to a standard amount per riding.
    • While all the spots might not be taken, increasing the number of spots beyond the proportional based on percentage of population might be seen as to unduly increase the influence of Aboriginal delegates - whom can always stand as a normal delegate. Some will see this increase of influence as a good thing others not so much.
    Leadership Election Modification - No conclusion, but an alternative is proposed. Will be a controversial issue no matter what
    • I like the convention system myself - but separating Leadership and Biennial would make for a cheaper trip
    Leadership Review Votes - making them better, and more streamlined is good.
    • However modifying the review capacity on sitting PMs could let the Party stagnate.
    All the other changes are good, and actually upon reflection will lead to a much stronger, functional and hopefully winning party.


    • Is the report being distributed? I'd love to sit down and read what it recommends!

      By Blogger Social Lib, at 6:31 AM  

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