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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Constitutional Tar Baby

Probably the funniest column line I have seen in the race so far, comes from a former editor-in-chief of The Globe and Mail and The Gazette who is also an Order of Canada member.

Put in brackets to amplify his disdain, Norman Webster has this to say:

(Ignatieff, back home after three decades abroad, also wants us to go back to grappling with the constitutional tar baby. Aargh.) [emphasis added] [link]

This had me wondering, what is a tar baby, and after a little research found :
The more that Bre'r Rabbit fought the Tar-Baby, trying to get free, the more stuck he got. {source}

Funny aside, it is interesting to see the perspective from across the country. From Norman's view, the race is a four way between Ignatieff, Dion, Dryden and Rae. He mentions Kennedy as a possible fifth contender, but does not explore his biography/campaign as he does the other 'contenders'.

At least the race isn't just between Ignatieff and Rae anymore, as it has been portrayed as of late. Goes to show what a little polling with a completely false methodology can do for you [and by you I mean Dryden].


  • Norman Webster has certainly got a way with words....

    Pebbles, I do have to ask what excatly your issue with the polling methodology is. Are both polls wrong in their finding that most Canadians prefer Dryden, in your opinion? If so, what would you suggest as a preferable methodology? I'm sorry that Kennedy seems to have been dropped as a top-tier candidate, but surely you realise he has limited national appeal.

    By Blogger Sinestra, at 7:32 AM  

  • What is your problem withe poll? THat name recognition is important. Well it is! To iignore that gift is just plain foolish. Candians know and love Ken Dryden and that would translate into votes for the Liberal party. They also know hiis life story andf identify with it. Father who was a highschool drop out and made a hockey rink for his boys in the back yard, while encouraging them to go to school. Canadians like that a whole lot more than, my family is Russian royalty and I haven't been bothered with this county for 30 years. There's nothing wrong with the methodology, you just don't like the truth.

    By Blogger s.b., at 7:49 AM  

  • I think the point here is that the polls don't reflect the liberal leadership race. They reflect personal popularity.

    By Blogger Steve Kanter, at 10:37 AM  

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