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Saturday, September 02, 2006

Endorsing Dion

Looking into the leadership candidates, I have done lots of soul searching and research to find a candidate that is right for me. I started with reading Straight from the Heart, to help inspire me, and to help me narrow down what is needed in a leader.

Moving on, I did initially start reading a couple of Ignatieff's books, but before finishing them I concluded he did not have the experience necessary to be party leader. I hope to finish them on my drive to Montreal.

I discounted Rae, as Rae has the burden of too much bad political history along with not counteracting them by running for the Liberals in the four elections since he was premier.

Hall Findley has never held elected office (besides positions of importance of the sports club near her cottage). However, having run in a contested riding, and having lost puts her with more experience than Ignatieff, in my opinion, while her dealings with the party structure in dealing with the Belinda switch gives her experience in the 'guts' of the party. In hindsight it is too bad Belinda switched, and H-F didn't win a seat in the last election. It also reflects badly that a riding couldn't be found for her to run in last time. Hopefully she will be around next time.

Kennedy, while I like, I still do not believe he is ready. Coming from provincial politics, a few years as intergovernmental affairs, industry, or the treasurey board president would make him a shoe-in next time (if he kept up his french lessons)

Brison suffers from the same problem as Kennedy - youth. Hopefully Brison will get more cabinet experience and be cured of his foot in mouth diesease.

Bennet would be wonderful for party president.

Fry is running to secure a place in history, and to garuentee her a spot in cabinet when BC caucus is growing by leaps and bounds providing many alternative candidates for appointments.

Dryden if he could light up a room in english and french, he'd be near the top of my list.

Volpe - I had to look at a list of candidates to even remember he was running - I have never considered him as an acceptable choice

And we get to Dion. For Dion, I began searching, and came across these letters, here, here, and here. Along with hearing a speech about the three pillars (which I am happy to say has been expanded and refined alot since I heard it back in February), along with views on federalism, social justice, international development, women in politics, early learning and other matters, I am very confident that Stephane Dion is the right man, at the right time to lead our party back into power, and to lead Canada into a more prosperous future.


  • You have to be 35 to be President of the United States - and if Brison can be President, he can be Leader of the Liberals. He's not suitable, for myriad reasons, but youth is not one of them. At all.

    There's no reason to discount Rae because he didn't run for the Liberals last time. If Giuliani quit the Republicans and joined the Democrats, I'm sure they'd welcome him as a potential winner. I'm sure there are REAL reasons Rae might not be a great Leader - you have failed to find one.

    As far as Rae's "bad political history", you fail to mention Dion's own.

    Dion doesn't have that burden, in reality - but neither does Rae.

    Ultimately, your analysis has nothing - not one single point - about ideas or policy or vision, and everything to do with "electability", which is actually determined by vision and personality and image, but is only ever detailed as image alone, which is pretty much what you've done here.

    I think that Dion would make a fine leader, and a fine PM, and I'm watching him closely, but I personally feel your analysis of the rest is very, very off and based on image rather than evaluation of ideas. I feel that's an unwise way to write off candidates.

    By Blogger Jason Bo Green, at 2:10 PM  

  • God, Brison is only 2 years younger than JFK was when elected in 1960. I'm pretty sure JFK could have handled present-day Canada in 1958.

    By Blogger Jason Bo Green, at 2:12 PM  

  • you forget brisons 'foot in mouth diesease'

    also, Rae's problems reach out to the perception of ontario going down the tubes last time he was in. Perception is everything.

    By Blogger Manley Man, at 10:10 PM  

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