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Sunday, October 22, 2006

NO Policy During Leadership!

There should be no official policy resolutions during leadership. They will inevitably end up being used as devices to fight between camps of the leadership contenders on the policy floor. We see this today with this: Federal Liberals' Quebec wing passes motion calling Quebec a nation

I believe leadership is a time for leaders. We do not need to fight out our policy wars with fratricide type battles between leaders' camps.

It is safe to assume, that since our leadership candidates have put forth concrete policy proposals, that upon election of a leader that their proposals have the defacto consent of the majority of party members, replacing the policies passed mere days before.

So what role does policy play during a leadership campaign except being a pissing contest between camps? None.

The national executive should have delayed the policy portion of the biennial a year, while keeping the constitutional portion at leadership for renewal purposes.


  • I don't frickin' believe it! Harper has CALLED AN ELECTION for during the Liberal Leadership Convention? Is there no end to how low this scumbag will stoop for political advantage!!??

    By Blogger PurpleLiberal, at 1:50 PM  

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