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Sunday, November 26, 2006

If the Star doesn't endorse Dion Tuesday, then they sent a real mixed message today

What the next Liberal Leader needs:

Economic prosperity. Canada's economic health requires investing in large cities such as Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver that produce much of our wealth. The Liberals must help ensure that cities have a stable revenue stream from federal income and sales taxes to fund mass transit, bridges, roads and other infrastructure.

As well, Ottawa must aggressively grow the "knowledge economy" by investing in research and development, by making it easier for young people to get higher education, and by better exploiting immigrants' skills.

Social justice. Some 5 million Canadians live in poverty. The Liberals must go further than the Tories in boosting the income of the working poor by introducing an earned-income supplement in the form of a monthly cheque or a refundable tax credit and by ensuring all Canadians have equitable access to employment insurance. They should recommit to a national child-care program. And invest in medicare to provide catastrophic drug coverage and to bring down wait times in key areas.

Healthy environment. Ottawa must try to meet its Kyoto targets. That means setting hard greenhouse gas caps on all industrial sectors. Investing in an East-West energy grid to give coal-burning provinces access to cleaner hydro power. Providing incentives to purchase hybrid autos and to make homes energy efficient. And penalizing energy waste.

Given the Harper Conservatives' circumscribed small-government approach, it should not be difficult for the Liberals to define themselves as the party of vision and energy, ready to use the considerable power of government to improve people's lives. The agenda they put forward must challenge Canadians to become not only a more prosperous society, but also a more caring, just and responsible one.
Sounds like they took a Dion press release and put it on their editorial page.


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