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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The Nation Question

A no brainer.

I know of a community that has a distinct culture. That has defined geographical territory. That currently operates as a quasi autonomous region in its applications of its powers of separateness. This area rebels against the trends of suburbanization in English Canada, and protects and nurtures its artists and cultural figures.

I am talking of course about the Toronto Islands. There are no private vehicles on the Toronto Islands, setting a distinct course in development. There is also no private property ownership, the houses are leased from the state while the belongings remain property of the individual, much like in Soviet Block Countries.

Despite the government controlling the land of the island, residents still fight onwards over continued use of an island airport thrust on them by the continued oppression by the mainlanders. This continual fight is epitomized in the pillaging of the islands by the English Canada power elites whom have placed three yacht clubs and numerous sailing clubs on the Islands.The residents have worked together to defend there interests, and in turn protect their children from indoctrination of the mainlanders by running a communitarian co-op childcare on the island.

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Pretty Distinct to me.

Against all the adversity, the community continues to thrive. However, for the community to grow I ask you support the Toronto Island's Womens' Policy Network resolution at the Bienial Convention. The Toronto Islands must be recognized as a nation, to allow the usurpation of various national powers in continuing struggles against the Port Authority and the Province.

How much longer will we leave this unique group without constitutional protection for their way of life, and a constitutional affirmation of their right to self determination?


  • Well, I, for one, would have developed a motion to include the Toronto Islands in the same breath as the First Nations. Damn. Had I known.

    The What Do I KNow Grit.

    By Blogger James Curran, at 1:19 PM  

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