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Friday, November 17, 2006

Reckless Polling Twisting Perceptions

"Given the margin of error, the Decima survey suggests there was little significant difference in the national appeal of the top four leadership contenders."

Enough said.



  • yes but the breakdowns are interesing. particularly the ones showing liberals have no preference b/w iggy and harper. also the one that shows harper is twice as popular as iggy among canadians.

    By Blogger canuckistanian, at 7:21 PM  

  • The "interesting" regional breakdowns will have about a 6.5 percent margin of error given the smaller sample size (see attached link). The real question isn't who is the most electable today - it is who will be the most electable after the Conservative's negative ads and it ain't Bob Rae (or Michael Ignatieff).

    By Blogger polopark, at 7:36 PM  

  • If Bob Rae gets elected, it won't be Conservative ads Libs will have to worry about as much as NDP ads. Jack will go for the jugular.

    By Blogger wilson61, at 8:22 PM  

  • fair enough I also must factor in time with my decision. Given time DIon will be more liked by Canadians, Iggy will be less liked as we have seen, Kennedy won't impress and Rae will also gain more appeal as the most savy politicain of the bunch. HOwever I don't believe Mr. Rae is the best for the Party and party unity. Rae is too heavily backed by old school back room chretienites and everyone knows that. Dion is the future not an instant Liberal controlled by money and his big brother. So my choice is Dion. The other two are non options for electability reasons. They would both be disasterous and we'd be stuck with Kennedy for a long time.

    By Blogger s.b., at 6:10 AM  

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